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Our Legal Marketing is Unique
Marketing a law firm is different from marketing just about any other type of business. That’s because law firms must strike a fine balance between aggressively promoting their services, while still maintaining a professional brand.
And we use all the tools at our disposal to develop and deliver customized programs designed to address the legal marketing challenges law firms face…the challenges you face. That means helping law firms of all kinds generate new clients, more revenue from current clients, establish new practice areas, reach out to new target groups and generate more buzz.
Because no two law firms are ever the same, neither can the legal marketing strategies they employ. That is why our approach is always a holistic one, looking at your practice from the broadest view possible to develop marketing programs that address your specific challenges.
It’s an approach that has worked for all kinds of law firms, of all sizes, with all kinds of budgets and from all over the country.
Since 2010 we have specialized in delivering prospective legal clients to the industry through targeted legal leads. All of our legal leads are exclusive, real-time, and seeking legal help for current and future issues.

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New Client Acquisition
We have a track record of driving new clients and cases to attorney customers through proven revenue and client acquisition strategies. While there is no magic involved, we build a unique strategy for each customer based on their specific needs and desired situation.
Targeted Practice Area Growth
While we develop your marketing strategy we work with thousands of other attorneys to grow specific practice areas of their firms. Whether you are a personal injury attorney, criminal defense attorney, or business lawyer, we have a custom solution for the unique needs of you and your firm.
Expert Internet Marketing Team
When you work with Scorpion, you are working with a team who has delivered billions of dollars in revenue to our clients. Like our clients, we are experts in our field of business. You will benefit from a dedicated Scorpion marketing team committed to you.
Gain an Unfair Advantage
With Our experts driving your client acquisition strategies, you have on unfair advantage.Our entire company is aligned on two primary objectives. The first is to deliver a great client experience with constant communication. The second is to always keep you ahead of your competition.
Our group is an award-winning full service advertising agency specializing in building law firms.We offer a broad range of creative solutions from exclusive brand identity to powerful TV campaigns. Our firm will position your law firm for continued growth and success with a well thought out, strategic plan.